In Tehran, we are faced with a sort of building that has resulted in the dominance of structural and economic systems on the architectural form. The sediment order of the two-dimensional views of this type of tislogy, along with the conventional path of construction, is looking for ready and customary answers, which is not a result of the lack of permission to contemplate more and search of test conditions. I’ve been accelerated against this mainstream, I am trying to disturb the architecture form as much as possible, and to turn the openness from holes in the contour of two columns to signifying elements of the architectural form. In common term
s, with a flat and graphical page on the box The main or the same mass of building gaps, but in architecture I am looking for the main solution to get out of these conditions, break down and divide the building mass into a set of single space within themselves and open the mass definition by them I can be space between the void in the facade that plays and They provide light supply and the rigid parts whose duty is to provide a semi-open space and the definition of privacy of private space.
Redefining the structure of the building together with different sizes and sealants in the midst of the space gap, and by taking out the conventional structural grid of neutral condition and disrupting the conventional horizontal and vertical regulations in the fa├žade, the visual perception of common horizontal alignment is also Procrastination. My architecture is an effort to create a small scale, though, in the face of the deposition of the tissue, and it tries to make the most of optimal readability in the initial readings of the project.

Boostan Residential Project

5 floors

9 units

203M2 Foundation

April 1398

Chehar Residential Project

5 floors

10 units

Foundation 450 m2

Bahman 1397

Lawhouse Project

7 Floors

55 units

992M2 Foundation

Aban 1395